Central Minnesota Bicycle Club

So you found us!

Searched the web and here you are, wondering what the Central Minnesota Bicycle Club is all about. We have a nice website and a cute logo, but that’s only the face of it.


We even have a mission statement!

“The Central Minnesota Bicycle Club’s mission is to promote safe and healthy bicycling for the enjoyment of bicyclists of all ages and abilities and for the benefit of the local communities.”

But what does that mean?


The best way to describe what’s going on here is that people get together and ride bikes, simply put.

Road bikes, mountain bikes, recumbents, trail bikes, young or old, slow or fast, it doesn’t matter.

Think of the CMBC as a forum for bicyclists to meet and socialize. We have no dues, no bylaws, no officers. The meetings take place on the roads and trails of Minnesota.

You become a member by showing up to rides and events, which are posted here and on our Facebook group page. The important part is that you want to meet people, have a good time and ride safely.


We have done the majority of our communication through Facebook and emails so far. Now, for those who don’t use Facebook, this website features an RSS feed which will deliver new posts directly to your email inbox!

Sign up today and stay informed about what’s happening with the CMBC.




Check out our weekly rides and meet other cycling enthusiasts!


Please bring a signed copy of our waiver to your first ride with us.

For more information email CMBC

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